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Veterinary Surgery

NEAMC Surgery Services

If you have been referred to our hospital for surgery or have questions about your upcoming appointment, please call us at (508) 584-1600

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Surgery Appointments at NEAMC

While not all health problems that your pet may have will require surgery, it is sometimes the best course of action. Surgery can be a daunting word, but our skilled surgery team is with you and your pet every step of the way. Our elective referral surgeries are performed by our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Townsend. These surgeries may include:

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Orthopedic Surgery: Orthopedic surgery includes a wide range of joint and bone surgeries, including tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), bone fracture repairs, total hip replacement surgery, and more.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a type of surgery that allows for faster recovery times for your pet. MIS is performed through a few small incisions instead of one large incision. When the surgery involves a joint, the abdomen, or the chest, a small scope attached to a high-definition camera is inserted through one of the incisions to provide a view of the surgical site, while instruments are passed through other incisions to perform the procedure. MIS procedures may include arthroscopy and laparoscopy.

Neurosurgery: Our team is available to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your pet’s symptoms of neurologic dysfunction, such as weakness, paralysis, back and neck pain, seizures, gait abnormalities, circling, and balance disorders.

Soft Tissue Surgery: Soft tissue surgery includes a variety of surgical treatments from foreign body removal to hernia repair to organ biopsies. Some examples of soft tissue surgeries include: abdominal exploratory surgery, tumor/mass removal, cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal), and more.

To schedule elective surgeries with our board-certified surgeon, you will need a referral from your primary care veterinarian through which we will schedule a consultation appointment to evaluate your pet’s condition, including suitability for anesthesia. Then our team will thoroughly discuss the best surgical treatment plan for your pet and detailed post-operative care.

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Emergency Surgeries at NEAMC

The experienced emergency veterinarians at NEAMC are supported by our board-certified surgeon and will perform emergency surgeries seen through our emergency service. These surgeries may address:

  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) or “Bloat”

  • Ingested objects (i.e. foreign body removal)

  • Exploratory abdominal surgery

  • Internal hemorrhage (e.g. splenic tumor)

  • C-section

  • Pyometra

  • Lacerations & penetrating wounds (e.g. dog bites, impalements)

Whatever your pet's surgical needs are, our hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the-art surgical suites and skilled surgeons on staff to assist you. Learn more about the best veterinary surgical team in West Bridgewater, MA below.

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Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery Post-Op

Total Hip Replacement Surgery at NEAMC

Total hip replacement has been utilized in dogs over the past 30 years, and through the advancements in materials and medical science, it is the preferred option for pets that have debilitating disease in their hips.

NEAMC’s board-certified surgeon, Dr. Townsend, can offer treatment options for hip diseases that cause progressive, long-term debilitation in dogs.

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