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Preventative Medicine

We believe that it is much better to prevent a disease than to treat one! Here are some of the programs that are available at the New England Animal Medical Center designed to keep your pet happy and healthy and, in the long run, to lower your pet health care costs.

  • Yearly physical exams can help identify small problems before they become big problems

  • Vaccinations that prevent diseases that might infect your pet as well as preventing zoonotic diseases (infections that can spread from pets to people)

  • Heartworm prevention

  • Flea and tick prevention

  • Geriatric health programs

  • Pediatric health programs that get your puppy or kitten off to the right start

  • Nutritional counseling (including obesity issues)

  • Behavior counseling

Preventative care services at NEAMC are offered to our current General Practice patients. If you have questions about setting up a new patient visit, please reach out (508) 583-1600!