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At the New England Animal Medical Center, we believe regular dental care for your pet is vital to their health and comfort.

Dog with toothbrush

The Importance of Regular Dental Care for Your Pet

Animal dental care is important. Many pet owners seek dental care for their pets because of a foul mouth odor that is often related to tooth and/or gum disease. Regular dental care for your pet prevents odor, keeps them comfortable, prevents premature loss of teeth, and increases life span! Many pet owners tell us that they were unaware of their pet’s oral discomfort until they saw the change in their pet after dentistry.

The New England Animal Medical Center is proud to offer digital dental radiographs (dental x-rays) to our extensive list of tools that provide advanced dental care for your pet. Radiographs reveal problems that are not always visible from the outside. Appropriate dental therapy may then be instituted to maintain oral health and allow your pet to be more comfortable.

“Why do dental cleanings cost more for my pet than they do for me?” is a common question. The difference is that effective dental procedures almost always require general anesthesia for pets and not for their owners! Maintaining good oral health is one of the best investments you can make for your pet’s health.

Dental services at NEAMC are offered to our current General Practice patients. If you have questions about setting up a new patient visit, please reach out (508) 583-1600!