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Payment Options

We realize at New England Animal Medical Center that for many of our clients, the ability to pay for their pet’s veterinary care and treatment can be a major concern. We offer many types of payment methods, but unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans.

The types of payments we accept are as follows:

Veterinary Care Payment Program

Currently NEAMC accepts CareCredit, a credit card accepted at over 225,000 enrolled healthcare providers across the nation, and Scratchpay, which offers a financing option that is a loan and not a credit card. You can apply online for CareCredit at and for Scratchpay. If you have questions about either payment option, click the link or contact our office directly for more details.

Written Proposed Treatment Plan

If your pet requires hospitalization, NEAMC will provide you with a written treatment plan that includes itemized costs of the proposed veterinary care. This care may include diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, nursing, and hospitalization. The plan will provide you with a cost range for the proposed services. The purpose of this written plan is to prevent any financial surprises which can occur when a final bill is generated.

NEAMC requires that a deposit equal to 75% of the high end of the treatment plan be left in advance for all hospitalized patients. If the treatment plan needs to be revised as a patient’s condition changes, you will be notified of any anticipated changes in your pet’s treatment plan.

If you are in a situation where you have limited financial resources, make sure to let us know. We will do our best to work with you to provide optimum care for your pet that fits within your means.