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Message from Medical Director

Doctor with mask holding cat

Veterinary emergency practices are becoming overwhelmed

There is an unprecedented nationwide phenomenon that has been occurring since the COVID-19 pandemic affected our lifestyles. This is the fact that all around the country, veterinary emergency practices are becoming overwhelmed by the caseload presenting to these facilities. This is happening to most, if not all, practices across New England and surrounding states. This is a multifactorial event that is negatively impacting practices and their teams, including New England Animal Medical Center. Due to these unprecedented events, we have established operating procedures to alleviate the burden of extraordinarily long wait times caused by these events. At times, we may deem the Emergency Service temporarily closed until the caseload inside the hospital is properly attended to and patient beds become available.

Therefore, we ask you our beloved community, to call ahead before presenting to the clinic. We will provide an updated status and guide you in the right direction.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cordially, Alberto L. Fernandez, DVM, DACVECC Medical Director