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New England Animal Medical Center

Laser Therapy for Small Animals

Dog receiving laser therapy by doctor

The New England Animal Medical Center is proud to offer our new low-level laser therapy! Laser therapy is a relatively new treatment modality that can be used in both cats and dogs for a number of different conditions. The laser produces specific light wavelengths and frequencies to affect a photochemical alteration of cells, which results in decreased pain, decreased edema and inflammation, and promotion of healing at the affected site.

Benefits to patients include:

  1. Relief of discomfort

  2. Combined anti-inflammatory effects with accelerated healing

  3. A targeted approach to the specific condition (treating only the affected area)

  4. An alternative or adjunctive treatment to anti-inflammatory and pain medications (without the accompanying side effects)

  5. Observable results in just 2 or 3 treatments.

Conditions that can be treated with laser therapy include:

  1. Arthritis

  2. Post-surgical incisions

  3. Skin diseases

  4. Fractures

  5. Abscesses

  6. Dentistry

  7. Spondylosis

  8. Muscle/tendon/ligament pain

  9. Open wounds

Laser therapy is becoming increasingly widespread and is now being offered at NEAMC with our newly acquired Thor Laser system. We offer single laser treatment prices as well as package pricing, where you can purchase five treatments and receive the sixth treatment free in order to complete the recommended full course of therapy. Treatments only take a few minutes, and laser therapy offers a drug-free alternative for older patients or can act as an adjunct to other therapies without the risk of interaction. Please call NEAMC at 508-584-1600 to learn more details of how this treatment can benefit your pet today!

Laser Therapy Case Study

Chronic Non-healing Wound – “Ike” 11-year-old Belgian Malinois

History: 11-year-old neutered male Belgian Malinois with a chronically non-healing incision 3 months post-surgery

Diagnosis: Mast Cell Tumor removal with MRSA infection and chronic recurrence of incisional dehiscence

Previous Treatment: Multiple surgical incisional revisions, 4 different antibiotic therapies based on culture results, medihoney therapy, hydrotherapy, warm compressing

Results: After just 2 laser treatments the owners reported that Ike’s incision looked the best that it had looked in months. After a full course of 8 laser treatments, the wound healed completely with no recurrence of infection or dehiscence. The owners were very pleased with the treatment, reporting no side effects to the laser therapy.