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New England Animal Medical Center


Copper the dog

We wanted to share this note we received from the family of one of our recent emergency patients. This and similar situations occur a lot more than one would think. Part of our mission here at NEAMC is to provide the best acute care possible, when we have wonderful and happy outcomes like this we all rejoice.

Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to share some pictures and send along a heartfelt thank you for saving Copper Girl’s life! She is really doing amazing and is nearly back to her old energetic self again!

To refresh your memory, Copper suffers from severe separation anxiety and was run over by the family SUV at about 25 mph in the second week of November. She had bilateral S1 dislocation, bleeding in her abdomen, and a lot of abrasions and lacerations. She came home a few days later requiring full nursing care and had not been able to empty her bladder and lost use of her tail. Within a few days, she was able to empty her bladder and was not dribbling in her cage and now has almost complete movement of her tail again! I was completely devastated that I was the one driving and was nearly hysterical upon our arrival at NEAMC. (I’ve been an EMT for 22 years…I’m normally the calm one!) I could not believe what had happened and was so sad that she was in pain. I was also devastated for my two boys and for the fact that my youngest who is 5 was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Your staff reacted immediately as we rushed her through the door and was kind and sympathetic to us in regard to the circumstances. We cannot thank all of you enough for the amazing work that you do and how well you treated us and our family members. If Copper had her way, she would be out herding the sheep next door as we speak! Typical Cattle dog!

A special shout out to Dr. Kee’s, Dr. Beckel, and Dr. Townsend….you rock!